It's 23 October 2017

Essential new information

Here you will find a range of new information of relevance to staff of MPs. The 15 most recent items are on this page, latest item at the top. Use the buttons at the bottom of the screen to see more.  If there's something we have missed that needs adding, please use our feedback form.

  Asylum casework guide for MPs' staff (posted 25 October 2012)

  How to apply for a job with an MP (or just about anyone else) (posted 23 October 2012)

  Constituency Casework Toolkit - from the Commons Library (posted 22 October 2012)

  Arrange a tour through your MP (posted 18 October 2012)

  Free Parliamentary training available to organisations about UK Parliament (posted 16 October 2012)

  Caseworkers - just for you: W4MP's list of Hotlines. (posted 15 October 2012)

  W4MP's 'Guide to Working for an MP' (posted 12 October 2012)

  Hoby's - conferences - cartoon for October. (posted 11 October 2012)

  Sporting and other groups which staff can join at Westminster - recently updated (posted 10 October 2012)

  'An Insider's Guide to the House of Commons' - Open Lecture 11am 19 October (posted 09 October 2012)

  Westminster Dog of the Year - no really, it's true! (posted 08 October 2012)

  W4MP guide 'Protocol on representing constituents' updated (posted 05 October 2012)

  'This House' - new play at The National Theatre: Hung parliament 1974. (posted 04 October 2012)

  Welcome Pack for New Staff (posted 03 October 2012)

  Training offered to Staff by Third Party Providers (posted 02 October 2012)


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