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Guides & good practice

Page last updated: 15 May 2012

Here you will find guides, documents and other useful material.  We are continuing to stock our library and we welcome suggestions for new material. Some guides are written by us or other staff working for MPs and some originate from various House Departments. You can, however, still find everything that was on the old site by visiting the archive.

Your Job survival tips

Casework essential tools

Your office vital skills

Research crucial kit

Parliament the knowledge

You can also see a selection of Standard Notes from the House of Commons Library

Your Job

  Date added/revised
How to apply for a job with an MP 30/09/2011
Revised on    
Internships - main page listing guides for managers and interns 31/07/2010
Updated on    31/07/2010
Welcome pack for new staff 2012 06/06/2010
Revised on   13/05/2012
How to survive your first ten days in the constituency office 26/05/2010
Revised on    
How to survive your first ten days at Westminster 26/05/2010
Revised on   06/06/2010
2010 guide to Working for an MP - for New Staff 30/04/2010
New Foreword added   30/01/2012
Twelve Months in a Constituency Office 18/01/2010
Revised on    
12 months at Westminster - the obstacle course 02/01/2010
Revised on    
Staying sane over the summer recess 19/08/2008
Updated   17/08/2010
Moving on - Life after working for an MP 29/07/2008
Updated on    03/03/2010
Work Experience in an MP's Office 18/06/2008
Small addition on   03/11/2008
Staffing Allowance salaries ready reckoner 14/05/2008
Getting a Job with an MP. Part 2 – Giving a Successful Interview 21/04/2008
Revised on    
Getting a Job with an MP. Part 1 – Applications: Creating a Winning CV & Cover Letter 26/02/2008
Updated on   22/11/2008
Looking for a job working for an MP? (or in a politics-related setting) 13/08/2007
Updated on    21/10/2011
Maternity Leave and Pay for MPs' Staff 22/05/2007
Revised on   23/07/2010
Staff salary scales from May 2010 04/01/2007
Revised and updated on    31/03/2011
Training courses for MPs' Staff 25/11/2006
Revised on   05/05/2010
National Minimum Wage and Volunteers 28/09/2006
Thoroughly revised and expanded   21/03/2010
Protocol clarified on representing constituents 01/03/2006
Updated   04/10/2012
Sports and social groups for staff 08/01/2006
Revised and updated on    06/06/2010
Looking for accommodation 27/11/2005
Updated and expanded   14/03/2010
Register of Interests 15/07/2005
Updated on    18/03/2011
Working from Home: A guide for those who work for an MP 11/03/2005
Revised on   13/11/2008
Facilities for children in Westminster (including Childcare Vouchers) 09/02/2005
Updated on   20/03/2009
Can't ring constituents who bar calls from withheld numbers? 03/01/2005
Facilities and Services for Members' Staff 19/11/2004
Revised on   12/03/2007
Do you need to register as self-employed? 01/09/2004
Minor edit on   03/11/2008
Foreign nationals working for MPs 27/07/2004
Revised on   26/01/2011
Opening a bank account - guide for non-UK Interns/Students 12/03/2004
Additional information added   19/11/2008
Union membership for MPs' Staff 02/01/2004
Revised on   30/03/2010


Immigration Advisory Service (IAS) archive - limited file retrieval service 15/03/2012
Revised on    
Constituency Casework Toolkit - from the Commons Library 12/12/2011
Revised on   14/02/2012
Welfare Reforms 2011 onwards - road map to changes 21/03/2011
Revised on    
Introduction to the Child Maintenance System and CMEC 13/02/2011
Revised on    
The Tax Credit System - A comprehensive casework guide 18/01/2011
Thoroughly updated and revised on    30/08/2011
Parliamentary & Health Service Ombudsman's Toolkit for MPs' staff 15/12/2010
Revised on    
'Help for helping your constituents' - Citizens Advice Bureau guide 13/09/2010
2011 edition   13/09/2011
Parentline Plus - resource for MPs 21/06/2010
Revised on    
Planning for Constituency Cases - Library Standard Note 22/03/2010
Revised on   18/10/2011
Asylum casework 17/02/2010
Updated on    24/06/2011
Employment Support Allowance 03/12/2009
Revised on    
Dealing with Service Providers and Consumer Protection (for Caseworkers and Researchers) 25/11/2008
Revised on    
Bringing the Warm Front Scheme into your constituency 29/10/2006
Updated and revised    31/05/2010
Immigration Advisory Service 08/06/2006
IAS files available for retrieval   13/03/2012
Immigration Casework 08/06/2006
Updated on    13/07/2011
Members and Constituency Etiquette - vital guide 01/03/2006
Revised and updated   04/10/2012
Should you be doing casework? 27/02/2006
Guide to the Child Support Agency 28/01/2005
Revised on   13/02/2011
The UK Border Agency visa services website 21/06/2004
Revised on   13/01/2010
Case management software information 16/03/2004
Revised on   13/11/2009
Hotline numbers for MPs, MEPs, MSPs, AMs and their staff 12/01/2004
Revised on   14/01/2009

Your Office

Diary Management - Never miss another appointment 29/02/2012
Revised on    
Working with lobbyists - We are here to help 22/10/2010
Updated   15/02/2011
Internships - main page listing guides for managers and interns 31/07/2010
Revised on    
Freedom of Information and Data Protection issues 26/05/2010
Revised on   22/08/2011
Researcher’s Guide to Managing an Intern 31/08/2009
Revised on    
Commons Personnel Advice Service 27/01/2009
Revised on   15/06/2010
Employment Rights 20/10/2008
Revised on    
Hiring Staff - Part 3 Induction 26/08/2008
Revised on    
Hiring Staff - Part 2 Interviewing 15/07/2008
Revised on    
Hiring Staff - Part 1 Recruitment 24/06/2008
Revised on    
Defamation - how it applies to MPs 05/01/2007
Revised and updated on 8 Dec 2008   12/08/2008
Public Bill Guides - preparing Public Bills and how they proceed 28/03/2006
Updated and revised   22/12/2008
Using the Library from the Constituency 01/05/2005
Updated leaflet April 2011   25/07/2011
Services from the Library for Members' staff 05/01/2005
Updated leaflet February 2011   25/07/2011
Promotion of a Political Party: Guidance from the Information Commissioner 06/07/2004
Updated and revised   12/09/2008
Organising events in the constituency 09/03/2004
Updated on   22/12/2008
Laptop security 26/02/2004
Revised on   14/12/2008
Handling Lobbyists 24/02/2004
Thoroughly revised and updated   21/12/2011
Handling the Media 14/02/2004
Revised and updated on    15/12/2008
Useful Resources for the Constituency Office 01/05/2003
Updated version   17/11/2008


Library Briefing Papers (Research Papers and Standard Notes) 30/09/2011
Revised on    
Guides to Commons Library Services 19/04/2011
Updated on    26/07/2011
Debate Packs from the Commons Library 13/04/2011
Revised on    
Commons Library Talks 24/03/2011
Revised on    
The Library Loans Service 06/06/2010
Revised on    
Online resources from the Commons Library 31/05/2010
Revised on    
Library Contact Scheme 31/05/2010
Revised on    
Keeping up to speed with breaking news 30/12/2008
Revised on    
Political opinion polling 29/12/2008
Revised on    
Commons Library Directory of Subject Specialists - latest version 01/05/2008
Updated on    03/03/2010
10 things the Library can do for you 06/12/2007
Latest version added   13/02/2010
Speechwriting for Party Conferences 14/09/2007
Revised on   15/12/2008
How to compile a briefing for a roundtable or panel discussion 25/05/2007
Standard Notes from the Commons Library 02/05/2006
Updated on    18/10/2011
Using the Library" - comprehensive guide and contacts info 05/07/2005
Updated on    26/07/2011
Parl'y Office of Science & Technology - POSTnotes 26/06/2005
Updated on    28/01/2010
Useful Internet Tools for Staff 25/05/2005
Updated on    31/12/2008
HoC Library useful publications 16/03/2005
Revised and updated on    18/03/2010
YouGov - online public opinion polling 29/09/2004
Current awareness and topical briefings on the Library Intranet 31/08/2004
Updated on    23/06/2010
New Statesman Trade Union Guide 10/08/2004
Revised and updated on    15/12/2008
Politics-related websites - Keele University links 10/08/2004
Updated on   16/12/2008
Parliament and the Constitution Alerting Service 26/03/2004
Revised on   21/11/2008
Staff Guide to the Council of Europe 25/03/2004
Revised on   23/05/2007
Writing a speech 12/02/2004
Sources of Information 01/01/2001
Revised on   04/12/2003


Dods Legislation - new Bill tracking service 13/04/2011
Revised on    
Parliamentary Outreach - free service for the public 21/10/2010
Revised and updated on   16/05/2012
Whips and Their Work 13/11/2009
Revised and updated on   27/10/2010
Statutory Instruments made simple 13/05/2009
Revised on    
Expenses and Allowances 23/04/2009
Revised on   31/05/2010
How to get photos of your MP in the chamber 13/03/2009
Revised on    
Electoral Reform 07/03/2009
Revised on   13/05/2010
Online tours of the Houses of Parliament 13/01/2009
Revised and updated    13/01/2010
Working on Public Bills 18/12/2007
Security at Westminster and in Constituency Offices 07/12/2007
Latest update   16/12/2010
Guide to All Party Groups 03/09/2007
Updated and revised   20/04/2009
How to organise a school visit to Westminster 18/06/2007
Updated and revised   30/04/2011
Parliamentary Questions (PQs) 26/04/2007
Updated and revised   26/09/2011
Booking committee and meeting rooms 09/06/2006
Revised and updated   17/02/2012
Access to refreshment facilities in the Palace of Westminster 17/05/2006
New version added   27/02/2009
PICT (Parl'y Info Communication & Technology) - what they offer 24/11/2005
Revised and updated   24/06/2009
List of current MPs elected to Parliament following the 2010 General Election 05/11/2005
List of Ministerial Responsibilities 21/10/2005
Revised on   14/04/2009
How to arrange Gallery Tickets 29/09/2005
New version added   13/03/2009
'Servants of the House' - what the Clerks do 06/07/2005
Updated and revised   14/03/2009
Public Bills before Parliament - http://services.parliament.uk/bills/ 25/06/2005
Link updated   30/06/2009
Glossary of Parliamentary Terms 07/06/2005
Updated and revised   31/01/2009
The Members' Handbook 05/06/2005
New version added   18/07/2011
Maps of the Parliamentary Estate 25/04/2005
Updated and revised   31/05/2010
Online Parliamentary Archives catalogue 29/03/2005
Updated and revised   24/06/2009
theyworkforyou.com website 25/02/2005
Updated and revised   31/01/2009
What Happens During a Dissolution of Parliament? 14/02/2005
Updated for 2010 Election   28/02/2010
Watch Parliamentary proceedings on the Internet 02/12/2004
Leader of the House of Commons Website 26/11/2004
Updated on   21/04/2009
“You and Your MP” factsheets now available in 16 languages 22/11/2004
Updated and revised   23/04/2008
House of Lords Newsfeed 21/09/2004
Updated   30/06/2009
Today's Meetings - where to find them all 08/09/2004
Updated   24/06/2009
What is impeachment? 27/08/2004
Updated and revised   13/06/2009
Early Day Motions 17/06/2004
New version added   26/02/2009
What is "Prorogation"? 11/05/2004
Updated on   16/11/2009
Business of the House and its Committees: a short guide 26/04/2004
Updated   31/05/2010
Parliamentary Tours - the script 13/04/2004
Updated and revised    25/06/2009
Petitioning 10 Downing Street 12/03/2004
Thoroughly revised   14/03/2009
Understanding the Parliamentary Stages of a Government Bill 04/03/2004
Updated and revised    13/06/2009
How the place works" - Parliamentary Procedure 05/01/2004
Fully revised and updated on   22/09/2010
Departments of the House of Commons 01/01/2001
Revised on   13/07/2011


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