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Welcome pack for new staff 2012

Updated 1 October 2012

New staff of MPs are directed to a welcome portal on the parliamentary intranet. It is full of useful information and links, including an introductory letter from Robert Rogers, Clerk of the House of Commons.

If you are new and haven't yet set up your parliamentary email you won't have access to the intranet.  Our strong advice is to make this a priority. Of course, W4MP is a wonderful resource but your first few weeks will become even better once you can access all the information and advice on the intranet. We thought we would be kind (you deserve it) and give you a peep at what's on the Welcome Portal anyway.  Click here.

So, here's the letter from Robert Rogers.  The links shown are not live here but they are on the intranet version.



                                                                                               October 2012

The item mentioned first by the Clerk is W4MP's own Guide to Working for an MP. Written in 2010, it is no longer available in hardcopy but you can see an online version at www.w4mp.org/html/library/2010booklet/index.asp.
The W4MP/Dods booklet
"Guide to working for an MP".
This gives you access to an online version which we will update; plus a Zmag version of the booklet.


November 2011
House of Commons
 "Members' Handbook".
PDF (3MB) of handbook, without maps.

Click on the images to access the individual documents

There's a complete version of the Members' Handbook, which includes the maps, on the intranet.

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