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Last updated: 23 August 2011

Welcome to the Working 4 an MP Website

We hope you can find your way around the site without too many problems, but if you’re stuck or have a question then do use our feedback form to ask for help.

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w4mp logoThe home page of the site will be your usual starting point. You can get back to the home page from any other page on the site by clicking on the logo (see right) or by clicking on the home link from the information bar at the top of the page.the home link from the information bar





There is a lot of useful material on the site, and it is worth spending a little time exploring it yourself.  You can start by following these links to find out about some of the most important areas.

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If your needs are more immediate - you are three days into the new job and you've run out of walls to bang your head against...we have the perfect remedy: "How to Survive Your First Ten Days Working for an MP".

Have a look at our Essential New Information archive as well.

Feeling better now? We are here to look after you!

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