11 December 2011

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Post to the Noticeboard

Please send us notices of flat shares, property for sale, details of clubs or teams, or anything else you think may be of interest to your colleagues.

This facility is available for anyone with a current @parliament.uk email address: MPs, Peers and all staff, both those working for MPs/Peers and those employed by the Lords or Commons. If you have just started working at Westminster or in a constituency office and don't have a parliamentary email address yet, ask a colleague to place a Notice for you.

All notices will be considered by the site editor and should be posted within 24 hours. Don't forget to give us your contact details so we can reach you in case of a query.

We have a policy of trying to protect staff from any possible harassment, so we will not publish your phone number or postal address, only a contact email address. If you add these details or any non-parliamentary email address they will be removed before the notice is posted.

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