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Frequently asked questions

Update 12 May 2010: 
This page, which ought to be full of up to date useful information, was looking very tired. 
We had it on our to-do list to give it a complete overhaul and update but, in the run up to the 2010 election,
our resources have been focussed on producing a life-saving booklet for new staff. 
The booklet will be going directly to all new staff, as soon as we know who they are, from May onwards.  
You should also be able to get a copy from your Party support office at Westminster.
The online version is here:

In the meantime, Members and their staff can ask questions on the discussion board of the w4mp Facebook page.

Back to the FAQs: we are going to be rewriting this page, in co-operation with the Commons Library, later in 2010.

Meanwhile, if you have new queries you want answered, please get in touch by using the Feedback Form or using the Ask Us a Question facility. Please note that this is for MPs' Staff only: if you don't work for an MP please contact the Commons Information Office.

There's lots more information and advice on our Guides and Good Practice pages. The Working for an MP website aims to serve all MPsí staff:  those based in the constituency as well as those working at Westminster. 

If you haven't yet looked at our guide for new staff, that should be your next stop.

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