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Please do not hesitate to contact us with any suggestions or comments.

The simplest way is to use the  Feedback Form, since comments made there are picked up every day.  However we're always happy to receive emails, though we strongly recommend you use one of the published addresses rather than our personal email addresses for this.

This is not because we’re concerned about spam (after it’s up to 1000 messages a day you tend to stop noticing any increase) or because we’re being precious, but simply because there is a lot higher chance that an email to will be noticed, read and acted upon in a timely manner than if you send it directly to Dick, especially when one or other of us is on holiday.

Email Addresses

These are the email addresses that we check regularly:

  • for anything to do with site content, feedback (if you don’t want to use the form) and such like

  • for anything to do with jobs, including requests to change the date, update content, take a job down early and so on

  • for anything to do with notices

  • for news items that you think we’ll be interested in or any comments on our news items (ENIs)

  • for anything to do with training notices, schedules

  • - this is the main system address and isn’t in widespread use

These are the addresses we encourage you to use, but anything sent to will end up in one of our mailboxes eventually.  There are lots of clickable email links on the site and although we’re trying to make them all consistent we may have missed some – don’t worry as long as it says ‘’ at the end.

Because we all have busy lives and lots of email addresses you may receive a reply from a different address – we’re trying to stop this but nobody is perfect!

If it is urgent and you don’t get a reply to an email within a decent interval then the editor’s mobile number is +44 7711 557361. Please don't use this for matters to do with Job ads - the email address will be much quicker and is staffed every day.

Ask a Question

Use our question form if you have questions about anything to do with working for an MP (for staff use only)

Training Queries

WWP Training manage the training programme. Contact details are here.

Real People the staff outing. Bill, Karen, DickThe site is run by Dick Robinson, Bill Thompson, Karen Lawrinson and Gerry Hall, with help from anyone we can drag in from time to time to write guides, offer advice or just take an interest.  It is paid for by the House of Commons Resources department as a service to MP staff.

While we’re not rigid about this, the general division of responsibilities is:

Editor: Bill looks after the site and the server, does general editorial duty, keeps the training schedule and event listing up to date and reads the feedback assiduously.

Executive Editor: Dick runs the job ads, handles some questions, posts most of the 'Latest News' items and does executive editor stuff like deal with the House authorities.

Assistant Editor: Karen writes many of our excellent guides and ENIs, deals with questions and keeps the site content shining like a new pin.

Assistant Editor: Gerry came to our rescue from early in 2011 (replacing Richard Stephens who kept the jobs going from 2007-11) to help with processing the large and growing number of job ads which we now receive. We'll add her to the photo next time we have a works outing.

Parliamentary Enquiries

(from )

Enquiries about the work, proceedings and history of the House of Commons should be directed to the House of Commons Information Office. However, the Information Office cannot accept  emails to Members of Parliament. For information about how to contact an MP, see Contacting your MP

Enquiries about the role and work of the House of Lords should be directed to the House of Lords Information Office.

Enquiries about the historical records of both houses of Parliament should be directed to the Parliamentary Archives.

Enquiries about the work of Parliament from teachers and young people should be directed to the Parliamentary Education Unit, which acts for both Houses of Parliament.

Enquiries about private legislation, hybrid bills and orders should be directed to one of the Private Bill Offices of both Houses.

References relating to Hansard records can be obtained through the Search Engine. Alternatively you could contact either the Commons or the Lords Information Offices who will be able to help you further. Please note that only Members can ask for corrections to Hansard, which have to be approved by a Principal Assistant Editor.  However, when we "proofread" the daily part we pick up errors and authorise corrections so there is not usually any need to inform us of errors you may find.

For enquiries about Copyright Permission, please see the related web page.

For other types of enquiries such as those about Judicial Business, House of Lords Select Committees or the Parliamentary Bookshop, please see our  Directory of MPs, Peers and Offices page.

For enquiries about the navigation of the site and improved links, please contact the Web Content Manager or use the Feedback form below.

For further information about who to contact if one of our database services is not working, please see the Additional Resources section of our site.

Please be aware that there are Email Guidance Notes that offer advice to Parliamentary staff who receive emails from the public. However, there is also a Target Setting page which gives information about current response times for emails sent to our site.


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